Note #174 // Stream of Consciousness: Why are bloggers so shy?

I take part in a lot of Twitter chats. I've even hosted a few in my time. And the one thing that I see time and time again are bloggers on the hunt for blogger friends. 

You know, a group of like-minded people that just know that you don't touch a plate of food until everyone at the table has taken a photo of it. The ones that you can wig out with about having no ideas/ no time/ no clue (delete as appropriate). The kind of chums that will take one look at you and whip out their cameras knowing that that outfit needs to be documented across all your social media pages. 

But why oh why are we so shy when it comes to real life communication? We're all part of this massive blogging ocean and they say that no man is an island, but at times it can feel like just that.

On Twitter it's all confidence, confidence, confidence. And I'm personally of the 'look at me with my quick wit and funny hash tags!' ilk. But even then, when the subject of meeting up comes up, we generally sort of clam up and well... shy away from it for want of a better word. 

Making friends, bloggers or otherwise, is harder than dating sometimes. Can I tweet them? Would following them on Instagram as well be a step too far? And, don't get me started on DMs. Are we in that place yet, or will they think I'm a weirdo?

But you know what? I am over being shy and retiring. After tonight's Blogtacular chat on Twitter, I'm geared up to meet new person [insert gobsmacked emoji here]. So many of you seem bloody awesome and we've already got some common ground!

So, my name is Sasha, I'm a lifestyle blogger from London, let's go eat some cake, shall we?

(And take each other's outfit photos, obvs. The struggle is real.)

Get in touch (one, or all ways. I won't judge!):
Twitter: @thelifewardrobe
Instagtam: thelifewardrobe
And now Facebook too:

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