Note #177 // The Statement Piece: Primark Lemon Print Box Bag

So first thing's first: you need this bag. 

I bought it on Saturday, and we all know how quickly Primark's stock moves, so scoot scoot after work, yeah? It's got a hard shell, can be worn as a crossbody or clutch and is a good size. And this is going to sound like the weirdest thing, but to touch, it's got a soft feel akin to how your skin feels when you put primer on! Strange, but true!

I've been thinking more and more about implementing a uniform philosophy towards my wardrobe. Have you heard about Mathilda Kahl, the Art Director who wears the same thing to work each day?  I think she's really onto something. Working long hours, I could really do without looking in my wardrobe and panicking that despite all of the bits stuffed in there, I have nothing to wear.

I like to look well put together, and I think having a set go-to style, a capsule set of clothes you can reach for at any time is a very good idea. I'm going for pieces that are less seasonal and trend-led and more hardworking, for any occasion. 

But having said that, all wardrobes or uniforms, should have those statement pieces that just lift an outfit and scream, "that's so you!" This bag is one of those pieces for me. A bit of tailoring mixed with plain jerseys and some sort of pop of colour. Hello new pop of colour. You are fabulous. 

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