#172 // #BeBothered: The BHF London to Brighton Trek

I walked a half marathon last weekend. You know, as you do on any given weekend. Very pretty it was too as you'll see in the snaps in this post.

What was it in aid of? A 100km walking trek that I'm training for. Along with Laura - my comrade in all of the nuttier things I choose to do in life, we've signed up for the London to Brighton trek raising funds for the British Heart Foundation.

In the run up to my 30th birthday, I knew that I wanted to do a big sports challenge.

My right knee has given me jip for the last few years, so running a marathon was out of the question. I toyed with the idea of doing Tough Mudder, an extreme obstacle course. That kind of thing is right up my street, and I know that even if my fitness isn't up to scratch, my stubborn nature and aversion to failure would pridefully propel me round the course. It's on my to do list. 

So, yep. These 28 inch legs will be walking 100km (60 miles). You have thirty hours to complete it, walking across different terrains and through the night. I think the sleep depravation is what will get me rather than endurance to complete it.

Training begun with a few four mile walks. What I've found works for me is walking to a destination. I've walked from work to a restaurant to meet Ben for dinner (totally felt all the smug when I chowed on my fried chicken that night!). When doing click & collect orders for online purchases, I have purposely chosen a store that is a good distance away and made that my goal. Lighter evenings combined with fitting bits in with whatever is going on in my day to day life have been key.

Last weekend saw a biggie - a 13.4 mile trek with Laura. It was a very pretty canal walk, and we were equal amounts of pleased and in disbelief that we actually did it! 

The BHF London to Brighton trek is on 27-28th June. Sign up if you like! If I can do it, you can too! Trust me!

I will also be trying to raise additional funds on top of my entry fee, so please do sponsor me if you feel inclined to! My just giving page is here:

An apt quote along the route

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