Note #173 // 5 things to #BeBothered about this month

If you remember, I wrote a post in January called Be Bothered, a call to arms for myself for living more intentionally. It's been going pretty well, and I find the change in mindset has made me do things I wouldn't usually, made my to-do list substantially shorter and has seen me get mundane (but necessary) shit done. Here are the things I want to be bothered about this month.

Easing up on the sweet treats
I'm all about balance, but lately, it has been firmly tipped in favour of the most sizeable and indulgent desserts I can find. Whatever takes my fancy, no holds barred. If you cut me open right now, I'd be nothing but cheesecake and chocolate. And it's even got to the stage where I'll occasionally not eat a proper meal because I've over-indulged in the sweet stuff. Chill Sasha. 

Hitting my month three savings targets.
I haven't touched my savings for three months. Three whole months! February saw me hit my savings goal for the first time this year. This was helped by finally being bothered to make the necessary phone calls to sort out the login issues with my second savings account. Those kinds of calls are the worst right? So I put it off and put it off again, and oh look, money gone on trips to Busaba and who even knows what else. Now all standing orders are in place, it will all go in, it's just about not taking it out.

Another one I've been avoiding, due to laziness and a few bad experiences with my last few sales. You know when you make something out to be a lot more of a hassle than it actually is? At the end of the day, it's going to bolster my savings pot, so I just need to get on it.

Walk 50 Miles.
As I mentioned, I've signed up for the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton trek, a 60 mile walk for which you're given 30 hours to complete. I'm getting rather psyched about it now I've actually started training. Over the course of the month, I want to put 50 miles into my training kitty. 

Also being chucked into the exercise boat as a mini add-on is to complete 30 days of yoga with Adriene. I actually find I miss it when I don't do a day. Sasha - a yogi in the making. Who knew?!

Trying something new in the kitchen. 
I really want to try cauliflower rice. If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I'm more about balance than being gluten/dairy/carb/everything-free. Sometimes only chocolate will do (sorry cacao). But I do love good nutritious food. It's joyful, rather than a chore for me to eat. I found a recipe on You Tube for lemon chicken with cauliflower rice, that I want to try an adaption of this month.

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