Note #168 // Stream of consciousness: Fri-yay!

friyay, I love weekends

I am in a very good mood. It's sunny, I've just picked up a hella lotta new make up at the Nars concession's Friday people! We made it!

It always makes me laugh how Friday rolls round every seven days, but the near euphoric feeling of the impending weekend never gets old. I'm like a child counting down the seconds til school is out. Man, do I love weekends. I mean, it even has its own uniform.

new look tee, casual look

I'm sat here now thinking of all the unknown yet wondrous things the next 48 hours have in store. 

"Think of all the marvellous things I'll do" (read: have a lie in). 
"Think of all the great things I'll eat" (pancakes, OBVIOUSLY). 
"And I'll finally be able to get to the gym" (paahhaahahahahhaahaha).

This weekend consists of my very first trip to the ballet, yoga, and having my uncles cook a Mother's Day Sunday lunch for me, my mum and my Nan. Watching them two try and navigate the kitchen under my nan's hawk eye should provide mega lols. I'm also going to attempt to start my Spring wardrobe detox. I needs to make some money - oh haaiii eBay!

AND GOGGLEBOX. But that goes without saying.

gogglebox gif, the life wardrobe

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