Note #170 // Photo Diary: Life lately

Mother's day with the family. My uncles' cooked - SHOCK HORROR, and my four-year-old goddaughter felt way beyond her years, drinking white grape and peach juice out of a champagne glass. And yes, I did hover over her panicking everytime she picked up the glass. Those are from Habitat! You can also see the strong family likeness... that I clearly didn't take.

Wednesday pamper nights are well and truly a thing in this household. 
Losing my new glasses shortly after this picture was taken. They fell out of my pocket on the bus - boo. 
Courgetti with everything. Here, served under a mound of mussels. All the Yum.

A Sunday at the V&A and Science museums with this handsome fella. He acts like he doesn't like me taking photos of him, but deep down he loves it!
 Clearly taking a liking to the #IHaveThisThingWithFloors hashtag
Ikea with my two-year-old godson... Actually, he was a darling, and he got some ice cream at the end as a treat!
Chilling with Cookie, who has taken to following me about wherever I go. She had better get used to the camera then. 

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