Note #171 // I. Am. In. The. Slow. Readers. Group.

I remember this quote vividly from school. It was a line in a poem called Slow Reader by Allan Ahlberg and I often think of it as an adult.

I am a very, very slow reader. 

Where some people can devour books in a few days, on holiday or get through a few tomes a month, I actually couldn't tell you the last time I read a book from cover to cover. Not because I lose interest or I pick cruddy books to read, but because I get so frustrated that it takes me to digest words, that sometimes I have to read a paragraph a few times over for it to make sense. And when it takes you three times as long to read a page as everyone else, it gets disheartening and I just give up a lot of the time. 

If you add into the mix that reading while travelling brings on my travel sickness, those are a lot of nuggests of time in the week where others are lost in a book, that I'm just trying to concentrate on travelling in a forward motion. So though I love the Harry Potter films, no, I haven't read the books. Same goes for Gone Girl, Bridget Jones, 50 shades, the list goes on.

I find my grievances with reading odd, given that I like to write so much, but blogs are a lot punchier and succinct - an easier format for me to digest. I'm not really sure why I'm writing this, it's just something that's been playing on my mind. Especially when I see book reviews in said blogs and I'm questioning how they got through the novel so quickly. I cringe when I see books with thick spines and small font, or even chunky features in newspapers and magazines, often saying I'll come back to them, but not.

But as much as it goes against my perfectionist nature, not being good at something is not a good enough reason not to do it. It doesn't mean you can't. I'll be celebrating if I can even get through 4-5 books, fiction or non-fiction, the rest of this year. That will be a real achievement for me.

So my question is this: what are your recommendations for this reluctant reader?

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