Note #169 // Happiness, Delivered: Round Two

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Wowsers, to think it was almost a year ago that I came up with the idea of Happiness, Delivered - a random act of kindness, delivered in post form, each time to someone near and dear. 

I hate that the only post I get these days are bills and takeaway menus and miss the art of putting pen to paper in this world of digital immediacy we live in today. So this time round, spurred on by a trip to Paperchase, I purchased some note cards.

A few lovely people should have received some post today. Something other than a bill that is. Seven personal messages to say, "Hey! Just reminding you, you're amazing and I love ya!" for no other reason than to make them smile. I get to send lovely, unexpected notes to lovely unexpecting people and indulge my inner stationery fiend. Win. Win.

And now, theres's nothing left to do, but head back to stationery mecca. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

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