Note #166 // The Joy Of Missing Out

Haiii. It's been a while, right?

*dusts off cobwebs*

Four weeks away from this blog. At the speed in which the digital world moves, I practically retired, but a break was needed. A break from here, a break from life, a break from work (ha, I wish). I've had ideas, I've started posts and then...nothing. As you know, when you run your blog as a hobby, there are two things I don't believe in: forcing content for the sake of it or apologising when you disappear. Why? Because life, that's why. We all live it, and we all know the deal. I did come across a new term recently at a talk at the Hoxton Hotel discussing the future of Social Media, that definitely summarises my time away from this blog: JOMO. The Joy Of Missing Out. 

We've all heard of the Fear Of Missing Out, the envy that comes with scrolling through your Instagram feed and looking at all the fun you're not having, but trend analysts have shown there is a small subsection forming that delights in disengaging with keeping up with said additional self-imposed task of narrating your own life. And in honesty, that's exactly what I've been doing. No twitter chats, all the hours of sleep a girl could need,  enjoying moments without sharing them on Instagram; just being, instead of feeling like a failure for not keeping up.

It sounds a silly thing to say, as being active online and being present on social media isn't compulsory, even if it feels it at times. Sometimes though, fatigue sets in with what some online spaces have become. Every image needs to be pinterest-worthy, else it's worthless. If your post doesn't get x likes or views, why bother as, this is clearly a popularity contest.

I get it, everyone wants to present their best side to the world, but sometimes it's just bloody exhausting. Even being on the consumer side, scrolling through feeds when in a particular mood (LFW, I'm looking at you) can make you feel like a failure at life. Because surely I should be living on green juices and chia seeds framed by tulips while wearing neutrals, sunglasses and high heels instead of eating fried chicken and ginger beer in my messy room that alas doesn't have white walls or Muji acrylic storage. So, to be fair, I've just stayed away from it all, and I think it's done me the world of good.

Though I've enjoyed missing out, life hasn't been completely joyous, but I've been fully able to embrace those feelings, as I haven't even attempted to try and pretend life is all happy happy joy joy, perfect flat lays and filters. I've mainly been trying to get out of bed on time and keep one foot moving in front of the other. And that has had to be good enough for now. 

But I'm in a better place now, so you can expect to see a few more words on this space. I hope you're all well. 

Sash x 

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