Note #157 // What To Do At The Weekend: Le Chalet at Selfridges

Just before Christmas, I had a looonnnggg overdue catch up with an old colleague and friend. I think we worked out it had been almost 11 months since we'd seen each other last. How is that even possible?

Given that it had been so long, we had to make it good, so I booked us a table for breakfast at Le Chalet, Selfridges' rooftop winter pop up restaurant. Think apres-ski luxury cosiness executed in true Selfridges form. The winter theme was perfect for a festive meet up, and on the Saturday that we took our seats, there was the most divine Winter sun illuminating the tips of the London landscape to be seen from five floors up.

Deliberately pausing the chat so we actually ate (it's uber busy, so breakfast bookings are only 90 minutes long) we perused the menu. Side point: we were glad we booked in for breakfast so that we could experience the opulence at a much lesser price than lunch or dinner, which can easily come in at £70 without too many drinks.

We both plumped for the mushrooms with duck egg on toast and it was divine. At £8.50, it didn't come cheap, but it's no more than you might spend at say, Bills. Though happy with my choice, I obviously got plate envy as other orders were going past me, including the smashed avocado on toast, generously and unapologetically piled on top of the toast. I'll be seeing you come round two my friend.

Deciding that every meal, even breakfast, needs a dessert, we needed no convincing in trying the waffles. It was a toss up between that or one of their choc-tails (alcohol with breakfast? In my defence, it was almost noon!). The choctails are somewhat stars on their menu, and I may need to go back to try one, but if waffles are anywhere on a menu, they will win out.

All in all, it was a great experience. Good chat, cosy setting, great service and a seasonal menu executed immaculately. Le Chalet is open until the end of February. Booking is essential, so click here now!

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