Note #161 // Weekends are for... Spontaneity

I'm not even sure where the thought came from. 

But before I knew it, I was applying lashes ('cos I'm grown and have finally figured it out), the Stila lip gloss from this month's Birchbox and hopping in an Uber to meet Ben at Duck and Waffle at the Heron Tower. The restaurant is open until 4am on a Saturday night, and I was kinda surprised to see how many people were up burning the midnight oil and chowing on the ever-present and succulent duck meat and other great dishes.

Forever attempting to live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget, Duck and Waffle needn't be so expensive. I'm not the heaviest drinker, and I've found that what bumps up the price when eating at D&W are the cocktails that cost the same, if not more than the main meals.

We shared the crispy pigs ears to start. As it was his first visit, he felt obliged to have the duck & waffle (obviously), and wasn't disappointed. I chose the roasted octopus, served with potatoes, chorizo, lemon and capers.

The plates are quite small, but enough. Especially if you're the type of person that wants at least three things on a menu at any given time. This being my second time, I gave the duck a rest and so had space for a dessert this time. I opted for the banana brulee waffle that comes served with vanilla ice cream, peanut crunch and homemade nutella. Home. Made. Nut.Ellaaaahhhh! It was such a delicious combination.

And here's a nice blurry pic of us enjoying our meal - but doesn't the guy in back look like he's having fun?
All in all, we spent £27.85 each including water and service. Given it was 1.30am when we sat down, I really wasn't bothered about drinking. If anything, I'd have had a hot chocolate or a cup of tea at that time... grandma in the house!

Ben's spontaneous moment came off of the back of his spice-rubbed pork induced high. He went to get his coat from the cloakroom and came back having bought their Recipes and Stories book. And the team were kind enough to have the head chef, Daniel Doherty, sign it for him. I'm going to spend the rest of the day flipping through the gorgeous photography and drooling over all of the recipes we probably won't be making any time soon...

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