Note #162 // The Micro Getaway

I would love to go on all the holidays, who wouldn't? But holidays are an expensive luxury. However, rest is important and I think I may have found a cheaper way around it. 

When Black Friday rolled round last year, my friend Annette spent a good few hours trying to get a deal on their mystery hotels. And in true form, her dedication paid off and she got one. A few days later, I got a random message to say she was gifting it to me! What. A. Babe.

So, two days before Christmas Ben and I packed up our bits and headed off to our mystery hotel for the night. I was desperately wishing that I didn't have to go to work the next day, and thought I wasn't going to get the most out of it. I had no annual leave left to use up, so wangled finishing work 90 minutes early, but had to be back in at 8.30am on Christmas Eve. Sob. But, I tell you, it's amazing how quickly you can switch off into down time mode...especially when presented with the scenes to follow. Our hotel was the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, a stone's throw away from Southbank. Even though booked on a mystery hotel deal, we were upgraded to a junior suite (STFU!) on arrival.

I checked in some time before Ben arrived, so it was straight off with the work clothes, out with the camera for pictures (obvs), and then swiftly into a bubbly bath. I had taken along my favourite face masks and all of those essentials that just scrub you up and make you feel good.

So fresh and so clean, clean...and having a bit of a "what on Earth am I doing here?" moment
We took a little walk later and had a lovely little dinner at Ping Pong. Again, not costly, we stuck to the set menu and added a few sides and some tea. And seeing as it was just round the corner, we stopped by the ever-evolving graffiti at Leakes Street

I enjoyed a heavenly sleep, we woke up early to enjoy breakfast down in the restaurant, and then just before 8am, me and my little overnight case jumped on the tube back to work!

Being the nosey little bee that I am, I snooped the next day for the actual cost of our night away. Our suite rate was £299 a night. My friend paid £5 in the Black Friday Deal. FIVE. POUNDS!!!! [insert gobsmacked emoji here]. 

But I really clocked onto something here. Obviously, that was a ridiculously good, "only comes round once a year" type deal, but if you can book a random day off work and then get to hunting to see what great deals you can find, you can enjoy a micro-break. Trust me, it can be done in fifteen hours (though, if you can book a half day either before or after, do). Getting away from it all needn't be costly, involve leaving the country, or even the tube network!

I've booked one mini-break this year to ring my 30th with the girls, but other than that my money is spoken for, so I will most certainly be looking into more micro-breaks and staycations. I'll keep you posted on what I find. 

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