Note #165 // Likes of Late

As part of my blog resolutions, I wanted to ensure that I made more time to give kudos to the awesome content that I come across daily. Enjoy!

Don't quit your day job // Private Life of a Girl 
I love a good dash of realism. I'm not a pessimist, or a pessimist dressed up as a realist. I just appreciate people telling me things how it is sometimes. Creative self-employment is such a hot topic right now; never has it seemed to be such a viable option. I love how Sophie takes her own experiences and creates interesting, relevant and honest content for the masses. How many of us, do stare doe-eyed out of office buildings, fantasising about how wonderful it would be to work for ourselves? In this post, I particularly like her argument for keeping a day job so that you have a natural "schedule for creativity" read: getting shiz done. 
This is my kinda post. A rootin', tootin', blog-lovin' piece of prose, that didn' half make me smile. 

You Tube
Cat from Take Courage Blog (whose words I adore, and photographs supply me with envy and inspiration in equal measure), posted this DIY on how to make a stool from an apple box crate. Everything about her videos and blog is just so aesthetically pleasing! Go watch and drool too!

Boss vs. Bitch: I've not been her biggest fan, and I never thought I'd say this, but Nicki Minaj has inspired me with her words in this video. If you can ignore the pink hair and the emphatic bleeping out of swear words, you'll see that there's a good message under there. And anyone that can use "pickle juice" to get her message across about standards, is okay in my books. 

I love a good propsal video, and this one from vlogger Steve Booker, is just beautiful *grabs tissues*

That Money Supermarket ad. I'm not quite sure why Sharon Osborne is in it, when clearly, all that's needed is Dave, those butt pads and that #EpicStrut.

And finally, I have all the love for the new This Girl Can ad. Yes I bloody well can! You just wanna see the epic strut that it conjours. Beyonce ain't got shizzle on me.

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