Note #156 // [Blog] Life Lessons: The Resolutions

Well hello there 2015.

I got back into blogging last year and it really added something to 2014 personally. I found that I was more social (not for the sole intention of blogging the heck out of it), thought more creatively and loved interacting and sharing with friends, both and old. As I eased back into the swing of things, I tested the waters to see what I liked writing and what I wanted my online space to say about me and I didn't have any goals as such. Rediscovering such an appetite for it, makes me feel that I owe blogging more and will happily give it. So I've set out a few goals to help me that I think will help make this a better space over the coming year.

Whether it be via social media, chats, commenting or just reaching out, biting the bullet and saying,"hey, wanna go for a coffee?" I want to be as active as possible. I've also got an idea in mind for creating a meet up of my own. Screw waiting to be invited. 

Share the love
I save so many posts in Pocket and on Bloglovin', so many interesting, relatable, funny, thought-provoking posts. This is the year for committing to sharing the love.

Understand Google analytics
Technophobe in the house. I've got it, now to learn how to use it.

Be a better storyteller

While scrolling through Twitter the other day, I came across this post on blog trends in 2015. I find insights into blogging so useful. One point of note was to keep posts punchy, while still telling a story. Continuing to refine my writing style and not use 11 words where 3 will do, are ongoing goals.

Keep ahead
I'm a planner by nature and career. Planning ahead ensures I don't feel like I'm on the back foot, mentally begging ideas to form so I can get something out there. So this means, scheduling and putting in time for brainstorming and making the most of time. Not everything can be in the moment as such, but the words are no less genuine or important to me.

Take stock and keep it real
I really enjoy the stream of consciousness and taking stock posts I wrote last year. I like that they're intimate, in the moment, imperfect. I appreciate that blogs have upped their game and are expected to have a more refined sheen and appearance, but I never want to lose those unedited time capsules - whether they be high or low, they're life.

Do you have any blogging goals this year?

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