#163 // #Be Bothered

Everyone around me knows that I love a good hashtag. I'm the person that uses them in texts and emails too #SorryImNotSorry.

In recent years, I've seen that instead of personal resolutions, people have come up with a word that they want to summarise the year ahead. For me, quelle surprise, it's a hash tag; one that's actually been in my head since last October. So this year, my modus operandi is to #BeBothered.

Actually, this hasn't just got a 365-day limit on it. I want to live my life with a higher level of conscious effort. To live life with intent, make good on my word, to be purposeful.

As much as feelings can be so powerful and procrastination difficult to overcome, the alternative is just a no-no. The feelings that arise off the back of not doing what you want or need to be, feed a never-ending circle of negativity, failure, and generally feeling a bit shit. 

I'm over pinning the life I hope for. I want to create it. After all, inspiration is only inspiration if it leads to action, else it's just another source for envy and "why isn't my life like that" style lamenting. 

Not everything need be life-changing, but doing many of the small things might just change your life. So whether it's trying that recipe, getting to the gym or fitting in my DIY mani and pedi on a weekly basis; going to watch that film, or getting to that gallery exhibition.

Have you noticed that warm, happy feeling you have when you get round to doing something that's been on your list for ages? I guarantee you feel: 

1. A sense of accomplishment
2. Like a productivity ninja
2. That it wasn't half as bad as you made out it would be. Maybe you even enjoyed it.

Getting shit done, makes you feel good.

Take this post for example. It's been in draft for three months. Not just because I couldn't be bothered, but also as I wasn't sure I'd be able to find the words to do the topic justice. But I'm super-psyched and proud now it's finished. And all I had to do was start.

You bought the outfit, style it. You own the book, read it. You set the goal, try harder to achieve it. You swore down pat those were the shoes to transform your wardrobe - wear them. I want to live my life with a continued convinction and enthusiasm that made me sign up or buy said thing in the first place. And if I can't conjure it, I'll take it as a lesson learnt for what really matters and what doesn't in my life.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have noticed I've already started to use the hash tag. I invite you to join me. I'd love to see what you're making time for and what goals you're smashing.

It's your life. If you're not bothered, who will be?

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