Note #158 // 13 Things We All Encountered On The First Day Back At Work

Apologies to those that have worked through the Christmas break, but this was the first time in 11 years that I've had the extended break off. I'd been looking forward to it since August, and have been well and truly spoilt. And because of this, it is now 12.44am, I can't sleep and I'm writing this blog post [insert pissed off emoji here].

6.15am What the fuck is that Earth-shattering sound? Who am I? What day is it? All the confusion. This is a dream. Back to bed.

6.48am Either the time you wake up after over-sleeping or the time you finally manage to drag yourself out of bed. This tried-and-tested method has helped you to identify the precise amount of time needed for the bare essentials so you can still make it out of the door on time.

So, I actually have to put on proper clothes instead of the pj/loungewear situation I've been rocking for the last 11 days? Oh. Right.

The sudden realisation that I have to have porridge today instead of grilling excess frozen packets of pigs in blankets and having them with beans on toast. Ugh. Health.

The Tube. Ugh. 2015 price increases. Ugh! Idiot commuters. UUUGGHHH!

Actually looks up at the other pale, deflated faces in the carriage. Feel some sort of strange solidarity. We can make it guys. We can.

No more mulled wine. Sob.

Sits at desk. Re-attaches intravenous coffee drip.

Seeing all of your unopened emails and wanting to hide. Is it too early in the year to get away with a sicky?

I've been so productive this morning. Time must have flown by. Must have. NB: It's 10.37am.

10.45am Time for coffee numero 3.

Salad for lunch, because New Year, New Me. Fills 7% of stomach. Yeah, time for crisps.

87 days until another extended break (Easter weekend). Let the countdown begin.

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