Note #147 // Stream of Consciousness

Feeling: thankful

I've woken up in the best mood and with the longing to just sit at the laptop and record this moment. No drafts, no perfection, just the now (and a quick spell check!). A visit to the original heart of blogging.

I woke up after a wonderful sleep, still basking in the fuzzy carb-filled and cocktail laden loveliness that was dinner last night with Laura. And speaking of sleep, I'm thankful for good dreams that told of prosperity for loved ones. 

I'm thankful for mind conquering lazy spirit. Knowing myself, I jumped out of bed after a great sleep and got my gym clothes straight on. A moment of hesitation or even a peek at You Tube or Bloglovin, and it would have been 11am before I knew it. 

I'm thankful for a perfectly formed and functional body that just rocked through that yoga session with tagged on resistance and the random "pretending I'm Beyonce's back up dancer" dancing that followed that. Hello endorphins. Nice to see you again.

Post-workout sweaty smiles #SorryImNotSorry
Weekend mornings mean breakfasts that take more than 30 seconds to put together. Poached eggs and crumpets for breakfast. Yum. And there are a few over-ripe bananas sat in the bowl. You know that means an afternoon stack of pancakes is on the cards!

The last three weekends have seen me actually have time to enjoy being sat at my desk just staring out of the window, focusing on the quietness, the stillness, my thoughts. Grateful for downtime.

And finally, I'm thankful that even though a horrible strain of flu wrecked my parents chances of going to Marrakech today, that they got half the money back through the travel insurance and most importantly mum is slowly starting to feel better. I spoke to her for five whole minutes yesterday, and though still weak, it's the longest I've spoken to her all week and there was actually some expression in her voice. 

Here's to the rest of the day. Good, nourishing food, and the Christmas tree going up later. All the festiveness!

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