Note #145 // Money Monday: An Early Reward

Sony Alpha A5100

Remember when I wrote here that my reward for reaching my £1000 goal by Christmas would be to get myself a camera? Funny how I now have a new camera, but haven't hit the goal. I had better explain...

Black Friday. Cue mass-hysteria. Now, as I said in the first of my Black Friday posts, know what you want. And I had been researching for some time to see which camera I would plump for come reward time. And then one of the options came up in Amazon's Black Friday deals. With £250 off. I thought of all the reasons why I should and shouldn't touch my savings and came to this conclusion: if I buy it on the deal, I will actually be able to put a further £100 into my savings pot because of this deal. So I went for it, and I couldn't be happier. Conversely, it's made me even more determined to hit my goal as now I just want to prove to myself that I wasn't kidding myself just so I could splash some cash.

Sony Alpha A5100

I was torn for the longest time between a DSLR and a CSC. I wanted something light so that I could carry it around everyday if I chose to, but would it have the same capabilities as a DSLR? And, If I'm saying I want a "proper" camera, then the DSLR is a no-brainer. But what about Wi-Fi? These have been the sorts of questions swirling around my head for months. Months, I tell you. In the end, spurred on by the discount, I got the Sony A5100, the latest in the Alpha series. And I love it. I used the Photography Blog website to do a lot of my research, here is their review of the A5100. 
Sony Alpha A5100
Selfie-cam: much to the boyfriend's annoyance. Say cheese!
Getting a smaller CSC was the right decision for me, and I can still get to grips with all of the manual controls and build on my basic understanding of photography. I'm already loving the fact that it has NFC and is Wi-Fi enabled. The speed of image transfer to my phone is so quick it's ridiculous. As you can see, I'm having a lot of fun playing around with it just to start.

Sony Alpha A5100 partial colour yellow

An added bonus is that the SD card I had reserved in my basket was also on offer for £7.49! There are a few other accessories that I want to get, but no more spending for me as I'll be taking part in a research group and will be getting a gift voucher that I can use for that stuff. Keep tabs on me guys. I may have the camera now, but I still have a goal to meet...

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