Note #148 // Something's changed

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Something's finally clicked. 

I went to Primark last week, which in the past has been a frenzied affair. I'd frantically run round the store as soon as it opened as though on the cut-price clothes edition of Supermarket Sweep (sidebar: loved that show). I'd leave laden down with at least two bags and then spend the rest of the day questioning/justifying my purchases, peeing myself about checking my bank balance and trying to condense the bags down so it didn't appear as though I'd gone too overboard. 

This time round though, it was different. Firstly, I'd been meaning to go for about a week, but a tussle in Primark post-work? I'm gonna say no. I did eventually pop in for a browse the night before, preferring to shop Primark in the morning when it isn't choc-a-block with people. I also wanted to know the rough whereabouts of the things that had caught my interest (no time-wasting round here). I bought a mac that was reduced from £28 to £15 and left. The next day, having eyed up about £100 worth of stuff the night before, I left with two items. Two. A jumper and a skirt totalling £20. The skirt is going back, so the big umplanned spend up (excluding aforementined sale purchase) came in at £6. Who even am I?

Lately, I've found it near-impossible to spend money on things that deep down I know I shouldn't be. The guilt is just way too much. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! It's just that before I could justify and purchase an item in a nano-second. I was hovering over a Topshop dress the other day that cost £58, and I just couldn't do it. I know how hard it's been to save that money. I don't want to just give it away for some frivolous fancy. 

So yeah, gut feelings and guilt. Good combo for keeping money in my bank account. My thinking seems to be changing and my priorities are in check. Long may it last.

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