Note #153 // On birthdays and friendships

On Thursday night, I had the extreme pleasure of attending my Aunty Lyn's 80th birthday. She's not my biological aunt, but is my nan's best friend and has been a steadfast staple in my life for as long as I remember. So no matter the title, she's family.

Her children put on a great 1930's themed party for her: a truly wonderful tribute to a wonderful person. They created a homage for her with interviews from friends and family, both local and from far flung corners of the world thanks to Skype. Through it they relived stories, spoke of their favourite memories and summised her perfectly.

Her face shone all night. You wanted to see her dancing away. All if them, in fact. Them 80-year-olds can party! And as she stepped up to the mic to say a few words, she instead, sang a song. The lyrics sum her up entirely - humble, grateful, happy:

"There's a roof up above me

I've a good place to sleep

There's food on my table
And shoes on my feet
You gave me your love Lord
And a fine family
Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me"

I was oddly overcome with emotion as I sat in the corner with tears escaping unexpectedly from my eyes. They say you should be careful who you surround yourself with and I realised that watching my nan and Aunty Lyn together has been one of the first and certainly the most long-lasting example of friendship I've experienced. Through watching them I've learnt what it means to support, to care, show warmth and share and I have been truly blessed to witness it.

It also highlights the awesome friendships I have in my life that perfectly mirror the example set before me. Annette, Didi, Laura, Alicia, Veronique and Norah to name a few. Some I feel as though I've known since birth, others newer friendships, but all come with the knowledge that they'll always be at the end of the phone, will always help if they can and would never forsake me. 

Ladies, I hope to dance my way into my pensioner years with you all in just the same way. You've been wonderful to me and are greatly appreciated.

Happy birthday Aunty Lyn. Thank you for the lessons, and just being you. 

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