Note #150 // Brunch: THE best banana pancakes

banana pancake recipe

So I confessed all on Twitter last weekend. I, Sasha, am a Brunch bitch. I live for weekend fodder and the chance to spend more than thirty seconds making it.

fluffy, light, moreish pancakes

Last Saturday, I made these delicious banana pancakes with bacon and syrup. I am big fan of a sweet salt mesh, so this combo was basically heaven for me. The pancakes were the fluffiest, lightest I've ever tasted, let alone made myself. And even nan, my number one kitchen critic, gave me kudos, so they MUST be good.

brunch pancakes, banana pancakes

BBC Good Food tends to be my go-to place for recipes, as it is just that: tried and tested GOOD FOOD. I'm yet to be disappointed by a recipe from the website. You can find the recipe here. It was super easy to throw together. You really should give these a go.

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