Note #154 // [Blog] Life Lessons: What I learnt about blogging this year

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I love disappearing off to my parents house over the festive break as it affords me precious quiet time to think (and watch two entire series' of Scandal). I'm starting to think ahead to what I want from from my blog in 2015, and there are a good few learnings from the past year that I'll be taking with me.

What I learnt about myself:
I am capable of sticking with something. I'm one of those people that starts something with vigour enough, but keeping the enthusiasm? Yeah, not so good at that bit. One year, 94 posts. 94! And we have a ready-made goal for the year ahead right thurr.

Committing things to digital paper makes you accountable. Starting my Money Monday series has done me the world of good. And if my attitude to money is to continue changing, I need to keep that up. They serve as reminders to myself, and hopefully prove useful for you too. Being accountable to the readers of this blog, makes me, in turn, be accountable to myself.  

That I'm rather proud to be a blogger.

I'm pretty ambitious and in this for the long haul. So much so, that I actually had to acknowledge that I am completely capable of being a hater. I can't lie, I get frustrated. Why have the subscriber numbers stopped going up? I compare myself to others that started out at the same time as me and get all green thinking, "they're doing this now and I'm still wwwaaaayyyyy down here." I scroll through Instagram and think, hang on, how can a photo of their coffee get 5,000 likes? It's coffee. And "Why aren't I getting x opportunities, while y has?" Basically, I throw a bit of a bitch fit. I often hear people say, "I'd blog if I only had 5 followers." That's great for you if you can be so modest, but not me. I want a ton of people to hear my voice. To like my blog, to comment, to tweet me. I crave interaction, a larger audience, more friends and opportunities and for my passion for this to be recognised. There, I said it. But you can't hate on other people for doing what they've done to get where they are. I've just got to keep watching my own game, working and toiling away.

What I learnt about the blogging community: 
To be honest, I struggled with this one. Yes, there are examples of great blogging spirit. I've experienced it. People helping and sharing information, and being real champions for other bloggers. But there are just as many examples of aggressive self-promotion, and only being involved in something for what you can get out of it. Yes, each and every one of us are one-man bands when it comes to content creation, production, and marketing what we are proud of generating, but community is reciprocal and I sometimes feel the giving back side is lacking. It's easy to be all about the "community" when you're getting page views out of it, but what are you giving? At times, there's a heck of a lot of chatter, but not much listening or support.

What I learnt from others: 
Content doesn't need to be all-singing and dancing, but it does need to be consistent. Sometimes I think I have nothing to say, and yet some of the best posts I've read, ponder the exact same silly questions that have popped into my head. They talk about mundane tasks, quiet weekends, too many takeaways and difficulty finding your mojo. Sometimes the small ideas, the ones you dismiss are the best ones. This game we're in, it's all about being relative and familiar. I need to remember to keep it real basically.

So yeah, a good springboard for 2015, no? What have you observed, learnt or felt about blogging this year?

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