Note #133 // What To Do At The Weekend: Art of The Brick

I organised my first work social the Friday before last. And as a natural worry wart, it was terrifying. But everyone enjoyed it, so I'm happy. We hustled down to Shoreditch to go and see the Art of The Brick exhibition followed by pizzas at Pizza Union (nutella dessert pizza...hello?!). The exhibition had been on my list for some time, so I was happy that it got the unanimous vote by the company.

Art of the Brick is the brainchild of Nathan Sawaya, a New-York based artist who has tried to take the everyday and rework it so that we think about it in a different way. I loved the exhibition. I'm not the most high-brow person when it comes to art, I'm pretty easy to please. Some of our group commented that the little blurbs explaining each piece were contrived and patronising; that they could figure it out for themselves and he was unnecessarily complicating something that in essence should have been simple at heart, given that his chosen materials to work with is a child's toy. But I quite liked them. For me, it revealed the inspiration and thought process behind each piece. Yes, some of it was obvious, but there were a few nuggets of information that did make me think.

The exhibition was a lot bigger than I expected, with over 85 pieces and it works out at great value for money. It highly recommend it due to it's broad appeal, even for the person that doesn't do art. The added bonus is that it's located in The Trewman Brewery, which comes ready-made for trendy eating and lots of drinking to balance out the cultural exploits. As you already know, I highly recommend DF Mexico, which is pretty much opposite the entrance of the exhibition. The Art of the Brick exhibition is on until January 2015. You can find out more and buy tickets here.


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