Note #138 // How to not overspend.

Guys, I am struggling with not spending.The desire is positively pungent. But somehow I've managed to do four things (some purely accidental) and save myself at least £100 this week.
  1. Leave the credit card at home. As promised in my last Money Monday post, I took my credit card out of my purse and it's been at home ever since. In which time I have seen a jumper and dress in H&M that I would totally have impulse bought had I had it with me. Removing the temptation means it's not an option and I don't have to rely solely on willpower. Total saved: £44.98.
  2. Ask yourself if you'll care in a year. I've been finding this mantra useful to continue distinguishing between spur-of-the-moment wants, long time desires and actual needs. 
  3. Stop and think. I almost bought the December Issue of Glamour as it came with a hella lotta freebies. A 20% off H&M gift card, instant win Body Shop giftcard and Nails Inc polish. The shade Marylebone Mews, totally had my name on it. In my usual form, I went to three shops in search of the magazine with the polish I wanted, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought a) do I need another grey nail polish? No, b) do I need encouragement to spend purely because I have a voucher? No, and c) I'll likely get £3 off and then spend an additional £15 in The Body Shop. Quelle le actual value? Nowhere to be seen. Total saved: A lot. Minimum spend would have easily been fifty quid.
  4. Be lazy. A positive trait for once. I have been loving trying out Ren's 1 minute facial (sample size from eBay) and got very excited when I heard that Marie Claire were offering samples with their December issue *plans multiple purchases*. But disappointment struck when I discovered it was a voucher redeemable at Space NK. Do I have the energy to trot down to a luxe skincare store in my lunch time? No. I barely have time to eat. Total saved: £4.00 plus endless damage in Space NK.
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