Note #142 // How To Get S**t Done.

I'm always looking for lessons in life.

I spent most of the past weekend dreading a particular task that I knew I had to get to grips with at work. You know what it's like. Instead of resting up the night before, you lie awake thinking about all that you have to do and getting wound up and frustrated. As a reminder for next time, I've jotted a few notes on how to be a productivity bad ass.
  1. Attack your most hated task; either first, so the day can only get better, or when you know that you're at your most productive. 
  2. Make a start. Stop thinking about it and building up ridiculous levels of dread mountain vs. molehill style. Once you make a start things become a lot clearer and you've a better idea of how to stategise and get through it.
  3. No distractions. Phone on silent, off or on aeroplane mode. If music helps you focus, get some of that on and make sure that you're in a place where you can focus. If it's work, I often book a meeting room and sit in there on my own, so I can just get to it. Oh, and no opening multiple tabs for online shopping. 
  4. Do one thing well. This is one that I really struggle with as my mind seems to flit from thing to thing. Focus on doing one task well instead of getting part-way through eight. Your mind just becomes one big jumble and you'll end up feeling more overwhelmed than when you started. Trust me, I speak from experience.
  5. Prioritise. What needs to be done now? Are you bound to a deadline? Is anyone else relying on you doing something before they can do theirs? Make a list, highlight the most important things and begin with those.
  6. Set reminders. I've learnt that one of my weaknesses is my memory and as an Office Manager, sometimes points that I need to follow up on are raised weeks and months in advance. The moment they're brought to my attention, I set a reminder to jog my memory closer to the time. It puts my mind at rest and means I won't have one of those, "I know I'm meant to be doing something, but I can't think of what it is" moments, followed by a "Fuuucccckkk! I forgot!" moment.
  7. Don't try and be a hero. Do what you can. Don't overstretch yourself as you're setting yourself up to feel like a failure when you inevitably don't get everything on that insurmountable list done. If you can, delegate.
  8. Take a break. Preferably get outside, but most definitely allow yourself some time to refresh and refuel if you're dealing with a longer task or-do list.
What are your tips for being a productivity pro?
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