Note #143 // Currently: Taking Stock

I think it's very important to sit back and think about where you are. I don't have any plans after work this week, so am making the most of time and taking the opportunity to reflect.

Making : the most of quiet evenings.
Cooking : (for once) Prawns and pasta in a creamy sauce with green beans and tomatoes.
Drinking : mulled wine. It's Christmas in some guise from October to New Years eve up in here.
Reading: Red magazine (thanks for the birthday subscription mum!).
Wanting: a chrome book.
Looking: forward to moving in with Ben next year.
Wasting: money. Still.
Wishing: my skin would settle down. Any recommendations?
Enjoying: alone time.
Waiting: for the Christmas break. It's the first time in my working career that I've worked somewhere that shuts down for the festive period. I can't wait!
Liking: chocolate m&ms.
Wondering: what the long-game future holds.
Loving: I'm a Celebrity
Hoping: for an early night.
Needing: This Anthropologie candle. Goji, tarocco and orange. I don't even know what tarocco is, but it smells damn good.
Smelling: divine thanks to this Body Shop Honeymania bubble bath melt.
Wearing: flats.
Following: Lizzy Hadfield from Shot From The Street here, here and everywhere. It's love.
Noticing: that my parents are getting older. They've been the same age my entire life in my eyes and then shit happens and you realise that's not the case.
Knowing: that I'm in a good place right now.
Thinking: about future blog posts.
Bookmarking: this banana pancake recipe. Too good.
Opening: my invitation for Champagne Afternoon Tea at Claridges. I won a competition, and I couldn't be more excited!
Giggling: at Gogglebox. I heart Leon.
Feeling: excited about life.

This post idea was created by Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes. You can get a blank copy of the list to customise as you wish, here.

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