Note #144 // [Blog] Life Lessons: Why I'm proud to be a 29-year-old blogger

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I wrote my first short story aged 8. 

It was called, "Waiter, there's a waitress in my soup!", and it was literary gold, let me tell you! I took both English Language and Literature up to A-level following on with a degree in Media and Cultural Studies. I disliked some of the course, but I loved (and aced) the Journalism module. I think you can see where I'm going with this...

Following a short educational hiatus, I then went on to pursue a postgraduate diploma in Magazine Publishing, determined that I was going to be a journalist or work somewhere in the arena. Personally, I don't think I was mature enough for the experience as it all fell down here. I hated InDesign and the business of magazines bored me (at the time) and crushed my idealistic (and naive) view of a creative industry. I was also petrified of the idea of being freelance/interning, having no financial stability (no matter how meagre the wage), and selling myself and my ideas. Sales (in any shape) is not in my blood, but writing is. 

There was a lot of chat about age in this week's #bdib chat, and as someone that will be thirty in ten months time, I have a fair amount to say on the subject.

Do I feel like blogging is a young'uns game? Yes, sometimes. Does it feel like the title 'blogger' can come across as juvenile? A little hobby that isn't taken seriously (unless you're massive), dismissed as a fad that will go away? Yup.

Do I wish I were younger and fantasize that it would all be different and I'd be a bigger, better blogger if only time had been on my side? Again, yes. Will I stop because I appear to be past the median blogger age? Hell. No.

I stopped blogging about a year and a half ago. At the time I remember feeling that I was passed my sell by date and that it was time to do 'grown up' things. I wanted it to be fashion-forward and glossy space, but my life was taking a different direction at the time, and now I can see it's because I was trying to make my blog something it's not. Yes, I would like more of that here, but I'm also awkward in front of a camera and am more interested in style, than fashion. Plus I let my frivolous money years last way too long and I'm playing catch up, so the funds just aren't there for never-ending OOTD's.

My blog isn't a fad. It's becoming a manifesto of who I am. I want it to be a memoir of who I was for my children and grandchildren. I want to make something beautiful and inspirational. I want it to be a place that through word wit, one too many gifs and plain old honesty is a place that readers come to to relate, have their interests peaked, have a giggle and heck, maybe even learn something. Yes my priorities will change, but I hope that I will always be able to find time to write here as blogging has given me just as much as I've given it. 

There is no upper age limit on talent, hard graft and passion; hobbies and interests or being a writer or consumer of blogs. In truth, this could be something that I've completely made up in my head, but it doesn't feel like it. And what the heck do I know about ageing, anyway? I neither feel, nor act or dress as I think a grown up should (more on that at a later date).

I love blogging and think it's really important that there are voices of all ages and walks of life, and a place where, where lifestyle blogging is concerned at least, readers feel like someone gets them. We all have a story to tell. This is mine. The current chapter documents the tale of a career-changing, path-finding, approaching 30-year-old, trying to give her money a makeover (as well as herself at times). I hope you enjoy it.

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