Note #140 // [Blog] Life Lessons: Don't despise small beginnings

I started this blog back in May 2011. Beginning Number One. I then plodded my way through 2012, blogging sporadically and randomly and generally talking to myself. Beginning Number Two. I posted ten whole posts in 2013, which you can't even class as anything. And then something happened. Life started changing and ever so slowly, I started to get my mojo back. I had grown, lived, probed, questioned and had a much better idea of what it was I wanted to say.  

"Started from the bottom, now we here" to quote the wise old soul that is the rapper Drake. New twitter and instagram accounts were created this year, especially for The Life Wardrobe. Nothing's more scary than starting afresh when you already have a good following on personal accounts, but I just felt I had to distinguish the two (to be fair, the others are pretty much extinct now). I talked, and I got involved and I've tried to be friendly, helpful and consistent. I've hosted blogger chats (#bdib on Mondays at 8pm), been to my first two blogger events and really put myself out there.

I'm still learning and finding what works for me, but it's all starting to come good. Readers are commenting and engaging and telling me what they like and don't like. My Bloglovin' subscribers have doubled and social media numbers have come a long way given I started from scratch just this year. And it's all much to my perplexion. It's hilarious how you hope and hope people will be interested in what you have to say, and when they start to do just that, you're like, "huh? They're interested in what I have to say?!"

Frankly, I've gone from tiny to small in terms of numbers, but I'm super proud of what I've achieved so far. What I'm saying is, don't despise small beginnings. The "beginning" may be long, it may happen multiple times, it may be disheartening at times and feel like you're putting 1000% in and not seeing any results, but whatever your goal, just keep plugging away. Success (which should be solely defined by you, might I add), will come. And if success doesn't come a lesson will. Which in turn will amend your route and put you back on the path to success. 

Yesterday, I hit 30,000 views on my blog and I feel like this about it!

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