Note #139 // Christmas Self-GIfting (Oops)

The Book Edition
I love Christmas. And while I'm very generous and have had to learn how to not overstretch myself on Christmas gifts expenditure, a BIG problem is the personal Christmas List I tend to make for myself while shopping for everyone else (heck, someone's gotta make use of all the "free" items in the Boots 3 for 2). 

I love a good lookin' book. And an enticing cover can seduce me into loosening the purse strings for a plethora of subjects. Said books look great on my bookshelf. Just need to get round to actually reading them...

1. Leon: Naturally Fast Food because I am a sucker for buying cook books and then not making anything from them. And my new thing (even though I know this isn't a new book) is to buy all the health books in the hope I will be healthy by just owning them.

2. 36 Hours: 125 weekends in Europe Some people want to travel to far-flung points of the world, but Europe is the jewel in my travel crown. I've wanted this book for some time and now my money is getting right, a few trips seem more feasible.

3. Eat Pretty Forever on the search for better skin.

4. Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs The title kind of says it all right? The camera will be arriving shortly. At the end of December or maybe sooner if there's the right discount come Black Friday.

5. Paris Street Style What would a book list be without some Eurpean street style thrown in for good measure? I am such a Francophile and am forever seeking style inspiration from across the pond. I basically seeking a comprehensive guide on how to turn what I got into what Clemence Poesy's working with.

Are you tempted by self-gifting while Christmas shopping?

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