Note #130 // Things that scare me about living with a boy

So Ben and I are moving in together next year. It's definitely happening. Sure, we've been together for six years, but this is a whole new frontier. I'm excited and so glad that I'll no longer have to have two sets of make up and that all of my clothes will be in one place. But I've never lived with a boyfriend before and it's got me questioning a few things. A few very important things...

TV dominance: Will I get to watch Don't Tell The Bride every week?

How I'm going to get around getting new clothing purchases into the wardrobe without being sussed.

And on that note: sharing a wardrobe *shudders*

Him knowing about all my SSB. Remember that episode of Sex and The City, where Carrie talks about Secret Single Behaviour? Well, my shit is gonna be laid bare. Like the fact that I like to watch whatever my fave series of the moment is on my iPad in the bath. And then follow it by laying butt naked on my bed, towel wrapped round me, skin drying out, continuing my Netflix fest for at least a further hour.

He'll learn all about my stroke of genius food combos that I come up with when midnight munchies strike. Salted caramel digestive anyone?

He'll also learn how often those munchie attacks strike and exactly how much chocolate I like to eat.

He'll learn that for someone that loves food, I can be pretty lazy in the kitchen.  I am all about various incarnations of dishes that involve eggs, cheese and beans at least twice a week.

How are we gonna divvy up the Sky+ storage? He needs all the Simpsons' and all the CSI's, and I need every episode of The Big Bang Theory and Location Location Location ever recorded.

The severity of my mug collection will be revealed. He got annoyed when I bought an Emma Bridgewater mug to his, not understanding where I expected to put such a useless vanity product. He already had two mugs at his house: one for him, one for me. What more could I want? Classic case of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus right there. 

And then there are the decor wars. I actually think we have pretty similar tastes, but I know he quakes in his boots given the amount of home makeover programmes I watch. I fully expect World War Three to kick off if I have too many scented candles or pretty storage pots going on. Granted, they don't do much apart from look pretty - but that is a job in itself.

Even though it will be a big adjustment period, I'm really looking forward to this next step for us. And if we don't kill each other, then it's onto house hunting. And he needn't worry, I've got ten years of advice from Kirsty Allsopp and Sarah Beeny and many a Pinterest board to help us with that one. Lucky him.

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