Note #120 // Small Successes

Sometimes we need to give the criticism stick a break and give ourselves a pat on the back. It's good to focus on small progress instead of drowning in a bigger picture that doesn't look quite right. It'll all come good, just keep going.

  • I started Weight Watchers again last week. I fell off at the weekend, but left Costa with only a coffee in the week. LOOK AT ALL THE CAKE I DIDN'T HAVE.
  • Opening a savings account. And actually putting money in it.
  • Not going into The Body shop to buy things just because they had an offer on. It may have taken ten minutes to convince myself to go home instead of into the shop, but I did it. 
  • Passing my probation at work
  • Heading to Zara in my lunch break to do a return. And not leaving with something else in tow.
  • Putting myself and my blog out there. As you can see, I've had a shiny new blog redesign and will be hosting the Bloggers Do It Better Twitter chat next week! Tune in at 7pm next Monday using the hashtag #bdib 
  • Raising £117.50 at the work Macmillan Coffee Morning. I baked a salted butter caramel cake. If you try it, bake it for longer than the suggested hour. Mine was a gooey mess in the middle.
  • Actually painting my nails. All twenty of 'em.

  • Not letting the blog schedule slipping this week bug me too much. I was meant to blog last night, but my munchkin goddaughter came round and we spent the evening colouring, chatting and taking selfies. That face or blogging? Easy.
What have your little wins been lately?

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