Note #125 // Saving (with training wheels)

I mentioned last week that I've opened a new savings account to help achieve my mini-milestones and bigger goals and thought I'd talk a bit more about it. 

I am crap with money. I admit it. I'm great at spending it, and funnily enough am a top bargain hunter and manage budgets at work like a pro, but my own finances are a daily battle and it doesn't matter if I find the best prices if I'm spending money I shouldn't be. As you've seen, I've been trying to be more of a mindful spender and invest more of my money in me instead of the high street. 

During my probation meeting at work, my manager gave me some advice.

She told me that a person's biggest strength lies in knowing their weakness. So when looking for a savings account, I knew I had to opt for one that didn't allow partial withdrawals. If you close the account early and take the money, you lose the preferential interest rate. 

I can't have an easy-access account. I've been here before and just end up raiding it for foolishness that seems important at the time. And while I could feel shame in my inability to just have the willpower to leave a savings pot to grow, I'm not going to do that. A weakness is no longer a weakness when you learn how to work with it. I'm thinking of it like this: do you remember going bowling as a kid and having to have the bumpers up to keep the ball in check and help you actually hit something? This account, with these measures are my financial bumpers if you will. And if it's these kiddy steps that are going to help me reach my goal, then I will take that and own my weaknesses.

I know there will be a time when I need to have a buffer that I can access easily should I need it, but I'm gonna deal with this bit of long-overdue habit forming first. So tell me, where your own goals are concerned (money or otherwise), how are you #OwningYourWeaknesses? 

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