Note #129 // Money Monday: The Progress Report

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So, it's time for an update of the good, the bad and the ugly. It's a good time to do this as s**t just got real money-wise. It was already real, but Ben (the boyfriend) has intimated that we should perhaps bring moving in together forward by a few months. And while the prospect excites me, it also scares the life out of me. There needs to be more good than bad and ugly, but here's how things stand at the moment.

The Good
The initial £250 I put into my new savings account is still in tact. Huzzah!

It was meant to be £350, but the girls and I booked a group 30th holiday that we'll pay off bit by bit. Yolo. As of today, that has gone up to £500. Five hundred pounds. That's probably a drop in the ocean to some people, but to someone that has never saved before in her life, this is a big deal. Saving has a bit of a drug-like high once you get into it. I've been counting down the days til I can put another bit into my account and watch it grow. A new habit at almost thirty years old. Who knew?

I've done really well Christmas wise. I've been buying bits here and there since September. One tip I will most definitely be taking forward is to shop in the October mid-season sales. So many of the kids got hooked up in the H&M sale. 

The Bad
Clothes. Always the clothes. I bought some pyjamas and few bits in Primark and also got sucked in by the Mango 30% off promotion, spending £94.00. However, the products took so long to arrive that I was able to harness the common sense that I should have had all along and returned it all the very next day. I ordered some bath and body bits from ASOS and because one item leaked in the box, they gave me a 15% off discount code. And what does a girl do when she has a discount code and full saved basket? She spends £147, that's what she does. The bag from that order has been returned. And that needed to happen because I completely forgot I had bought another bag from River Island this month. Emerald Street featured one that I liked in their weekly email and I had a panic that it would sell out. Cue a lunch time march to Oxford Street. 

So the total month's damage was £187.99. I also cancelled the order from H&M that I posted about the other day. But no praise here. That return may be because I've seen another coat...

The Ugly
Spending on my credit card. As I'm typing this, I have just pulled it out of my purse. I don't really know how it snuck it's way back in there, but it's place is at home, not in my purse for daily use. 

So my goals for next month are just to stick to budget and not to spend so much at the beginning of the month that I'm desperately awaiting refunds to hit my account. That's not how I want to live my life. Here's to November!

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