Note #122 // Money Monday: A Mini Milestone

I've set myself a challenge.

I'm trying to save £1000 by Christmas, the first good chunk of money to be set aside for my future home fund. I am all about the mini goals right now. What with my small successes posts, it may be slow, small and steady, but it's constant movement in the right direction.

I'm doing well so far and am a third of the way there. But no goal is without it's reward, and I've decided that once I've hit my target, I'll allow myself to end a year's worth of research and itchy fingers and finally buy a proper camera.* And my God has the prospect of that prize given me some serious drive!

I can't think about tiny lights at the end of long dark tunnels - my mind isn't wired that way. So I'm hoping that a series of smaller, mini-milestones will get me to there. I'll keep you posted.

*NB. Any family reading this, it is all about the Amazon vouchers for Christmas merci, please and thank you *winks, smiles and looks adorable*

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