Note #121 // Likes of Late.

Lessons on empathy. Now I'm a line manager and play an integral role in my office, I think it's even more important that I work on my interpersonal and soft skills. I found this post on Unstuck about empathy. Have a read.

Richard Branson being a dude about ending hierarchy in the work place, by ditching titles.

Marks and Spencer's gyoza by the bucket load.

Dousing all food in this gorgeously infused spray oil. Garlic, every damn day.

Appreciating all the hard work Notes From The City is putting into vlogging her daily 'The Healthy Vlogs' series. It's really inspiring. Keep going! You can tell that all of her videos are thoughtfully crafted and well put together. I loved her overnight oats recipe video. I'm awaiting the healthy cottage pie and cauliflower pizza next!

Continuing my love for Laura from Wearing It Today's style. It's just always so right. 

And on that style note, I'm all over The Stylish Heart's instagram feed. She has a desirable collection of mini bags, flats and ripped jeans and pulls off smart-casual, yet enviable style of with ease.

REN flash rinse 1 minute facial. It really is the nourishing, replenishing game-changer that all the reviews say it is. FRUGAL TIP: I wasn't particularly keen to part with £32 only to find I disliked it, so I had a snoop on eBay and found a travel/sample size for under £6. I think I'll try this trick with all premium skincare from now on.

The White Company emails. They pop up in my inbox for work and are totally selling me a minimalist dream and have me longing of the day I'm a homeowner and actually have dispoable income to spend on some of this stuff. It's also proving as great blog photography inspiration.

Listening to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift a little too often - because sometimes you just need a ridiculously peppy pop song in your life. 

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