Note #128 // Eat: DF Mexico

If you follow me on Instagram, you will surely have got the hint that I. LOVE. FOOD. I love trying new things and that is usually heavily food-focused, so I wanted to bring more of that to the blog.

Aside from Mediterranean cuisine, I adore Mexican food. Ben and I could (and probably should) easily take out shares at Chilangos. There's something beautifully satisfying about the right mix of carbs, spices, guac, sour cream and salsa. And then there's cheese. Any meal meal that involves cheese, gets a hefty yes from me.

DF Mexico is run by Thomasina Miers, the chef who also co-owns Wahaca. Situated in The Old Trewman Brewery, DF Mexico is the trendier, more street food-esque cousin of Wahaca. In the surroundings of the hippest happenings in East London, it certainly had to bring it and surely has. It's all techy self service and cool interiors. Luckily, there's enough seating space that allows it to be trendy and happening without the need for a two-hour wait for a table. 

Our food was served in record time and we had a mix of burritos, tacos, nachos and chilli fries. I can't say that there was anything revolutionary in terms of Mexican food, from what we chose, but I'm happy to go back and be challenged on this point! However, three things were definite winners with me: the chilli fries - coated in a lovely spiced seasoning that was neither too spicy nor salty. As a spice lover, I loved the sauces on the table, including a hot sauce that was actually hot. You'd be surprised how many fake hot sauces exist. 

But let's talk about the piece de resistance: the passion fruit margarita. Oh. My. Gosh. It's the kind of lethal drink that tastes so good and goes down like fruit juice. Danger. I realised jut how much tequila was in it once i stepped outside into the night time air. Proceed with caution on those bad boys. 

Even though we didn't overeat, there wasn't any room left for dessert, so when I go back, I'll be rectifying that one. They only offer ice cream, but the toppings seem so intriguing: Raspberry with popping candy anyone?

All in all, it was a great vibe, and an easy, flavoursome cheap eat. We had two margaritas, mains and shared tortilla chips for £20 each. Bar-gain. To salivate over the menu and find out more for yourself, click here

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