Note #116 // What to do at the Weekend: Brockley Market

I am living for the weekend at the moment. Work is fast and furious and weekends call for low-key chill time. I get guilty if I sleep in til noon though, it just feels like a waste. I've been getting out early to do an activity, so when that inevitable afternoon nap beckons, I feel like I've done something with the day. Last weekend, Ben and I headed to Brockley Market, which provided a good walk, some fresh air, a random celebrity spot (Professor Green) and some great produce.

Brockley Market trades from 10am-2pm every Saturday, and recently celebrated it's third birthday. It's one of those places that I've always meant to go, but those epic lie-ins always thwarted me. 

Up we rocked and were treated to a bevy of stalls and smells - and all of a sudden hunger registered. Funny that. On sale were the highest quality meats and seafood; homegrown fruit and veg and plenty of homemade fare.

There were a good few food stalls to have lunch from, and I opted for a lamb flatbread from Ollie + Mike, and guys, hands down it was the softest yummiest flatbread I've ever had with the greatest combination of flavours in there - it had lamb, pomegranate, courgette, chilli flakes - it was so many levels of awesome. Ben had ox tail with pearl barley risotto that had cheddar mixed into it. Um, hello - heaven!

I purposely didn't take too much money with me as I obviously would have decided I needed one of everything from every stall, but we did get some really cool spices (including some for popcorn!), and infused salt with the most intoxicating coconut-lime scent. YUM!!

Brockley Market is on every Saturday 10 - 2, with it's sister market taking place in Wapping at the same times each Sunday. It's a lovely way to spend a morning. Tweet me if you go!

What. A. Cutie.

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