Note #115 // Thoughts of a foodie trying to lose weight

I'm currently trying to lose a bit of weight, which naturally means I want all the food. It's said that we make 200 food decisions a day. I'd say I'm at least double that, and three quarters of them bad. I know how good I feel when I do eat well, so why is it so bloody hard?

1. I should join weight watchers again. It worked last time.

2. But what if it doesn't?

3. And now I'm meant to eat clean. How many propoints are there in coconut oil?

4. But that other nutritionist said that fat is ok *spends a third of propoint allowance on butter*

5. I know. I'll buy a nutribullet and juice myself to a better body.

6. And a spiraliser.

7. Spiraliser arrives at work in box three times the actual item. Fuck. Now I actually have to get this home.

8. Buys all the courgettes.
9. Eats normal pasta for dinner. A lot of it.
10. Right, it's a new day. Porridge for breakfast.
11. Gets of train in a melted heap. Need. Iced. Coffee."Ooh, those apricot danishes look nice." Spends £7 on breakfast.
12. It's fine. I'll have a healthy salad or soup for lunch. No bread.
13. Well, maybe a bit.
14. Scrolls through instagram #cleaneating hashtag. Takes copious screenshots. May possibly be eating chocolate digestives at the same time.
15. The office snack cupboard is the enemy:

16. I will not eat the cookies. I will not eat the cookies. I will NOT eat the cookies.
17. What?

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