Note #117 // Re-fashioned: The Sleeveless Coat

I love coats. Deciding which one (or three) to buy is one of my Autumn fashion highlights.

I tend to spot the one I want months before at press day images on my instagram feed and blogs. Many a screenshot is taken and the necessary details, mentally stored. I wait and wait for the first of the Autumn drops to come in and then strike - mine! But the thing I find with coats is that buying a trend led piece ie. the pink coat of AW13, is very expensive for something that you may only wear for one winter. So, I'm trying to go without this year. But that doesn't mean that I haven't injected some sort of newness into my life, oh no. Step forward the sleeveless coat.

But hang on a minute - this is Money Monday. What's the connection? Well, I bought a blazer style coat from Zara two years ago. It was one of their special price items coming in at £29.99 - bargain in itself. I started to see sleeveless coats become a thing last year and was instantly hooked by the style. But the value hunter in me refused to pay the same price for a coat with no sleeves as one with sleeves. Especially when the likelihood is that falling temperatures will mean I can't wear it through the whole season.

I really enjoyed Dawn o'Porter's latest series, This Old Thing. I quite often think that I'll buy something and shorten the hem or replace the buttons etc., mainly as an exercise in convincing myself to buy something. Why lie to myself? I think that series gave me the impetus to actually do it, or rather take it to the pro's and stop kidding myself I would have the time or inclination to make alterations to anything myself.

I went to my local tailor and for little more than £20, got her to cut the sleeves off. On her advice, she cut a little more off under the arm to really get the waistcoat shape and ensure there was enough armhole space for a chunky jumper to be worn underneath. And oh sweet Lord, is it love. I am loving how I've turned something I thought was okay, into something I love and never want to take off. And it's unique to me! I've also got a burgundy car coat that I'd like to do the same with. That one was a sample from my retail days, so didn't even pay for. Two new coats for £40. Oh yes.

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