Note #113 // Playing Catch Up: Getting down at Carnival...

See, I would apologise for this post going up three weeks after my birthday, but I think it will always be like this. Come August, there's too much life being lived and little time to document it. And technically I still have one more birthday treat to enjoy later this month, so technically  it's still my birthday.

There are eleven birthdays in August amongst my friends and family. Eleven! On top of that, you have my parent's wedding anniversary, my religious annual visit to Notting Hill Carnival and the month rounding off with mine and Ben's anniversary. Busy, busy girl. But I did do a few really cool things that I wanted to highlight to you, should you ever come to London, or already live here.

Notting Hill Carnival
Man, do I love carnival. Love. Love. Love. I'm of Caribbean descent, so moving my bumper may just be in my genes, but I love the vibe, the music, the energy, the colours. It's just one big explosion of happiness. I can see myself shaking my walking stick there when I'm approaching seventy. This year, it rained. And rained. And rained some more. But, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Bloody brilliant.

Expect to see me there shaking myself into my thirties next year. No really, it falls on my 30th birthday and the plan is not to go as an attendee, but plummage-donning bad ass on a float. Boom!

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