Note #114 // Playing Catch Up: ...and Up at the O2

One thing that had been on my to-do list for some time was Up @ The O2. When it first opened, I thought it was a brilliant addition to what is, in my opinion, one of London's very underrated hot spots for going out. The O2 isn't just for concerts, oh no. There's a massive cinema that gets a lot of use thanks to our cineworld cards, food galore, and a Brooklyn Bowl that I want to head to soon. It's a music venue with bowling and cocktails thrown in for good measure. As a so-so bowler, being able to blame the alcohol for my crap score is an excellent excuse. I also spied a Five Guys in the wings, but I digress...

Up was great. It's a 90 minute experience allowing you to ascend a couple hundred metres and enjoy 360 degree views of the London skyline. What're really cool is that you can do sunset and twilight tours too. We donned our suits - which, by the way, take the meaning oversized to another level - and shoes (nb. bring socks), got our harnesses strapped up and made the initial ascent, which I'm not gonna lie, is very steep for little legs! 

Once you get to the top, you have about fifteen minutes to survey London's delights on the viewing platform and take copious selfies. I particularly liked that there was a zipped pocket in the suit where you can keep your phone, so you're not limited to purchasing photos taken of you in order to get a momento.

Clearly, there's no way to make those suits and shoes look good, but the experience more than makes up for the unforgiving outfit. It was an novel and cool way to spend an afternoon. Apparently they want to install a zip wire next. I am there. For more information about Up at The O2, click here.

P.S. If anyone were looking for a novel way to propose - the viewing platform at sunset would make for an excellent engagement story #JustSayin

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