#105 // Will you care in a year?

"A fool and his money are quickly parted"
I've been reading a few finance management books by money guru, Alvin Hall. In one, he sets a task to go through a debit or credit card statement from a few months back and look at what you purchased. Do you remember each non-essential purchase? Does it have the same level of importance that you put on it at the time? This thought has literally blown my mind and is already changing my spending habits. Before you shop, or go out to that restaurant, or buy another mug/vase/winter coat/or anything from Paperchase think about this: 

Will you care in a year?

The M&S pink coat that everyone had to have last year - how many of those do you think you'll see knocking around this year? I predict few, because it's all about checks, greys and capes this winter. And next year we'll part with even more money for what's en vogue. 

Deep down, we all recognise that feeling you get in the pit of your gut when you do something that you know you shouldn't (ie. eating that third piece of cake, buying that blusher from MAC that's just a slightly rosier pink than the other three you have at home) - but we're so good are rationalising and justifying just why we need it in the moment.

So this is one of the tools I'm building into my better spending artillery. Just taking a moment to question and listen and think about what I won't be able to do if I buy this thing. I can't have everything. I might think I can, but invariably, I get the short term urge fulfilled and the thing I really want gets pushed back month after month.

Dare you ask yourself that question when you're next in Topshop?

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