Note #106 // The List: The holiday edition

As you read this, I'll be preparing to come home from a brilliant five days in Marrakech with my friend V. What better time than now to wax lyrical about holidays.

1. It's perfectly ok to start your exercise regime seven days before you depart. But to have started packing your suitcase a month ago.

2. To pick your hotel based on whether or not they have WiFi, because everyone across all social media outlets you're on requires a sickening blow-by-blow account of sunny days and cocktails while they tustle with the daily commute and the return of a typical British summer. 

3. To carry an iPad full of downloaded BBC iPlayer and 4oD shows, three books and six magazines. And neither watch nor read any of them. 

4. To buy new sunglasses at the airport, even though you have one on and two in your bag. What? A girl needs choices.

5. To try to look the epitome of airport chic a la Kim K or Victoria Beckham. And fail miserably. Heels? At an airport? I think not.

6. When the departure gate opens on your budget airline flight:

7. And yet to always carry a pair of heels with you for "when you go some place nice." And then wear one pair of flips flops everywhere.

8. To wish that aeroplanes had quite coaches like trains do.

9. To spend ten minutes and twenty camera shots trying to find the perfect position to make your boobs look bigger, stomach look smaller and legs look longer in a bloody bikini, while simultaneously making it seem like a spontaneously snapped happy shot.

10. To feel like a bawse when you set your out of office:

And then....

11. 2pm: first day back at work: Holiday? What holiday?

12. 2.05pm: 

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