Note #109 // The List: 29 at 29

Having recently celebrated my birthday, I thought I'd dedicate this week's List to life at twenty-nine. At this age, I can now categorically state what I do and don't like. I walk and talk with conviction. And people listen to what I say - I'm an actual life-sized (just), fully grown adult instead of a 29-year-old child playing dress up. And I'm loving the refreshing scent of feeling like you have half a clue about life. 

So here we have it, an ode to ageing. Twenty-eight, you've been great. Thirty, I'm coming for ya.
  1. I quite like a good flick through the Boden catalogue. Three years ago, I would have thought Boden was the name of a dog. How times change.
  2. I look at labels to measure clothing quality versus cost. £150 for a coat that's 95% polyester? I think not.
  3. I get really annoyed when I can no longer hear the person I'm talking to in a bar.
  4. Said nights out need to be arranged at least four weeks in advance.
  5. I say night out, but in an ideal world, I'd quite like to be in bed by half past midnight.
  6. Big nights out can only take place on a Friday - at 29, I need 48 hours recovery time.
  7. Consecutive nights out are now obsolete.
  8. A meal out > a night out.
  9. Midi skirts and mid heels rule.
  10. Marks and Spencer is getting more and more air time in my wardrobe. Quality over quantity.
  11. I belong to an era.
  12. The songs I grew up listening to are now regarded as old school. Can't say I'm happy about that one.
  13. I find myself turning up my nose at the tripe my cousins watch on TV. That crap has got nothing on Clarissa Explains It All, Sister Sister and Saved By the Bell.
  14. I start thinking about Christmas present ideas in August, buying in September and am done by October.
  15. At Christmas, I'm more interested in food menus and co-ordinating themes for place settings, decorations and gift wrap. And woah betide the person (read: man) that fails to notice the effort that has gone into that planning.
  16. Finally admitting that mum was right. About pretty much everything.
  17. Having 'but I'm still young,' tantrums and buying ridiculously high heels, utterly convinced I can walk in them.
  18. Three months later, when I've worked up the courage to wear them, suffering regret 20 minutes in and complaining. A lot.
  19. Shopping for my shape > shopping for each season.
  20. Realising that I looked bloody good during uni, when I most berated myself for not being thin.
  21. Owning a house is moving higher and higher up the food chain.
  22. Becoming more ballsy and just not giving a damn. There's a lot more action these days.
  23. Goals are good. I must do x by age y is not.
  24. Rediscovering joy in the simple things.
  25. Knowing that success is subjective and how you define it is the most important thing.
  26. Becoming acutely aware of time and spending it more wisely.
  27. Sensing change, but not realising when it happened.
  28. The kind of confidence that only comes with time and having been through some shit.
  29. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses and being a-okay with that.

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