Note #101 // 9 things it's completely acceptable to do: Social Media

  1. To want to amend someone else's bad grammar or spelling before retweeting them. Yep, I'm one of those people (P.S. It's lose, not're welcome).
  2. To go on a health and fitness pinning-spree and genuinely think you'll wake up with a six-pack in the morning. That's the hard work done!
  3. Post an image that isn't perfect. Just as ugly food often tastes the yummiest, life isn't perfect and even the prettiest filters can't can't change that.
  4. To enjoy a moment (especially if it's a plate of grub) instead of trying to get the perfect angle for a picture. I for one, am going to try and live more in the moment with those I love.
  5. To build in a buffer of time in your morning routine to check what happened during the night. Answer? Someone had a midnight feast (me), and someone couldn't sleep (also me). That's about it.
  6. To want to bang the door down of the one person that WON'T STOP SENDING YOU CANDY RUSH REQUESTS. 
  7. To base your food shop on photos you've liked on instagram.
  8. To solely use your Facebook account as an online photo album. Let's face it, it's the main reason you haven't de-activated it.
  9. To question the mental state of people that still 'poke' you. It's 2014. Move. On.
But please don't be the type to:
  1. Enthusiastically state "first like, first comment!" Well done, you commented on a picture first. With a shit utterance at that. Clap for yourself.
  2. To request followbacks. I don't even know where to begin.
  3. Forget real life exists. Put the phone done, make the most of that big shiny thing in the sky (it doesn't visit often) and actually talk to people.

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