Note #102 // 7 days, 7 photos

As I write this post it is pouring with rain outside, and I love it. I don't feel the guilt of having to 'make the most of the nice weather,' I can just stay at home in my pjs and do all the home stuff that gets neglected in favour of impromptu picnics and BBQs. This is the British summer I'm used to! Today will mainly involve blogging, watching fims and reading the pile of magazines at the side of my bed. Dreamy. 

Anyway, back to the post at hand. I've decided to commit seven of my most loved images from the week to digital paper, rather than leave them languishing lonely and unloved in the depths of my phone storage. I am itching to buy a DSLR. Itching. I've read books about beginners photography, camera reviews, apps. There's even a pros and cons spreadsheet for the top five. But my new money attitude deems that right now isn't quite the time to spend that amount of money. So for now you have images from my trusty HTC, while the DSLR daydream continues.

So, the week began on it's usual healthy tip: 

And ended with Cocomaya crodoughs (oops).

I wore my favourite dress from ASOS:

And realised I have a natural aptitude for Bitchy Resting Face. Pretty boyfriend jacket though. 

I went to Cambridge with my mum and we both fell in love with the place and had mentally moved there three hours in.

I realised just how far I've come career wise since I first started wearing these shoes. There were given to me as uniform when I interned at Christian Louboutin. I went on to gain full time employment there and for many, that would be the dream, but I wanted more. I moved on and have achieved the manager status that I wanted before hitting the big 3-0. I'm super proud of that achievement. It took serious guts to leave them red soles behind. But fortune favours the brave. 

And noticed the beauty in the simple things, like purple blooms that pop against a grey vase.

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