Note #107 // 7 days, 7 photos*: Jardin Marjorelle, Marrakech

Well, the last week has been pretty special. I spent five days in Marrakech ahead of my birthday this Sunday. It was really relaxing, with photo opportunities aplenty. So here is the first installment - a visit to the Jardin Marjorelle, more often known as the YSL gardens. It really is a must. The French artist Jacques Majorelle spent forty years creating and perfecting his exotic masterpiece. Yves Saint Laurent bought the gardens in 1980 and was a frequent visitor, often going to the gardens to seek design inspiration and a space to draw. Can you even imagine if this was your "office"? The envy is immense.

*and just so ya know, there is not a hope in hell of me actually keeping any of these posts to just seven photos #SorryImNotSorry

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