Note #99 // 7 things it's completely acceptable to do: Summer

  1. Wear a skirt or dress when you know you haven't shaved for three days. If those bad boys are less than half a cm long, you are good to go.
  2. To lust after autumn: cuddly jumpers, knowing where you stand with the weather, minimal shaving requirements. Win.
  3. Convince yourself that two Snickers ice creams can be classed as dinner. The same goes for frozen cocktails.
  4. Every so often, to only paint the toenails that will be on show in open-toed sandals. The will is there, but the time is short sometimes!
  5. To change your outfit three times a day (especially if you travel on the London tube network - Central line, I'm looking at you). You're not a diva, just bloody hot.
  6. To tell yourself that you don't need to work out, I mean, you're already sweating out your body weight twice a day just getting to and from work. That's practically bikram yoga.
  7. To have a contradictory mish-mash of items on your person at any one time i.e. sunglasses and an umbrella, sun cream and a cardigan. England in the summer is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get.
And two things it is definitely NOT acceptable to do: 
  1. Be an unwashed commuter. It's 8am and I'm 5'2 and squashed in your arm pit. Showering should have taken place an hour ago at a maximum. Things should not be this bad.
  2. Wear thick opaque tights or hoodies. It makes me hotter just looking at you. I know the weather in England is a bit unreliable, but come on guys. It's now or never! However, there will be no unpeeling of those layers without prior warning. You gotta prepare a girl for such sights and aromas.

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