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Getting shit done

I have truly astounded myself this week. Working late shifts, making lunch for work four days out of five, getting a couple of blog posts up, business meetings, work developments and getting to the gym. This week, I reckon I even outdid Queen Bee.

Even though that phrase annoys me. I know plenty of working mothers that do more than her day in, day out - who made her the benchmark of productivity?

Anywho, without getting all negative, what I'm trying to get at is this: we can do so much more than we are capable of. I pushed myself this week and with a bit of planning, rejigging and a refreshing full night's sleep midweek I've lived to tell the tale. Go on. Challenge yourself. I dare you.

My personal brand
I'm currently on the job hunt and it has never been so important for my style game to be on point. I came across this really useful article that talks about boosting your personal brand and setting yourself apart from the competition. I feel like I'm being quite well received by recruiters, who seem to get what I'm about with what I wear doing quite a bit of the talking for me.
All white 'errthang
It's here! It's finally here! The first proper does of the sunshine. You know it's properly summer when Starbucks start their half price frappucino offer (starts today from 3-5pm btw) and I am sooooo ready. I've even written a How to wear white post in honour of that glorious golden orb in the sky. I swear, if it rains after I bigged the sun up like that... I'm not quite brave enough and am too clumsy to go full white, but here are the looks I've been loving.


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