Note #96 // How to wear white

It is twenty degrees today. Twenty sweet degrees people! I have (perhaps foolishly) left my umbrella at home, and ensured that I am not planning on eating anything that can leave stains - random aside, but how is it that every time I wear white, I end up eating spaghetti bolognese? I've acquired a few well selected pieces to see me through the summer months and a short break I have coming up. Here's what's made the edit (so far).

The perfect example of the practical fashion that I love. This jacket come in summer white, while providing the warmth necessary when the sun decides to short-change us by shining without providing the accompanying warmth. I LOVE this jacket. When I wore it to work, my team members have thought it was designer and real leather. Good work P&B. Good work. I think I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that such a precarious colour isn't real leather and can withstand a wipe down should I get food or lipstick on it.
Leather sandals; Next
The marmite shoe. But I am fully embracing the ugly shoe trend and loving it.
Imagine this situation if you will. You are five feet two inches tall, but you have thighs that could challenge a rugby player and ass that won't quit. So what do you do when you find jeans that a) don't show your bum crack, and b) don't need four inches lopped off the bottom? You get very excited and plan on purchasing every colour variant they make. That's what you do. These jeans are just right. The right length, the right amount of stretch and the right amount of space for an ample bottom. Win.
If the thought of donning white (and keeping it clean) seems too daunting a prospect, then draw for the details: 

White nail polish; Barry M
Barry M's formulas are great and such good value for money - two coats will leave you streak free, looking chic and good to go.

Stressed, but well dressed clutch; Zara
I got my hands on the clutch. Quite by accident, mind. I happened to be returning something and glimpsed a few out of the corner of my eye. Even if you can't get this one, Zara's other clutch designs are well worth having a look at as they are the perfect proportion to carry around without getting annoyed that you can't just sling it over your shoulder. 

Sunshine. I am totes ready for you.

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